Top natural home remedies for chlamydia

What is chlamydia disease? 

Chlamydia is one of the most common bacterial infection that is well known as venereal disease or sexually transmitted disease. This bacteria normally live in the groin area, can be communicated to both men and women through vaginal, oral, anal sex and even through the placenta( from a mother to her child). It can infect the penis, urethra, anus, vagina, cervix, eyes and throat easily even there are many natural home remedies for chlamydia infection.   Most people with positive test result do not show any signs or symptoms that they might not recognize that they got the sexually transmitted infection. Therefore, the reported cases of chlamydia infection have increased every year, and the annual prevalence in America is nearly 3 million people.

What are chlamydia signs and symptoms?

Normally, this sexually transmitted disease’s signs and symptoms are too mild that you might not notice them or even confuse with something else. It will take a few weeks to appear the first symptoms since you got the infection. They include pus or milky discharge with abnormal odor from the penis or vagina pain and burning sensation while urinate or having sex lower abdominal pain, bleeding between menstruation swelling of the clitoris and penis bleeding/ discharge even pain of anus conjunctivitis with red, itching eyes if chlamydia transmitted to the eye soreness and discomfort of the throat.These problems can lead to severe symptoms even infertility if you were not diagnosed and treated early with antibiotics.

Here are top natural home remedies for chlamydia to help you recover quickly.

GarlicGarlic– a natural medicine that contains antiviral and antibiotics effects, especially the fresh one. It can help you to get rid of chlamydia cause of its properties to kill the bacteria and reduce the inflammation.  The simplest way to deal with chlamydia is consuming 2- 3 raw cloves of garlic per day. If it is difficult to eat the fresh garlic, you can add it to your favorite salad or soup. Remember not to cook fresh garlic when you want to use it as a natural home remedy for chlamydia because prepared garlic will lose its great benefits.  The second way is extracting 2- 3 raw cloves and then drink this juice daily. Although it is not easy to consume, you should not put any sugar or honey on it. Sugar and honey will decrease the effects cause of its ability to aggravate the infection.  In addition, you can consume the garlic supplement instead of the fresh one. Making sure that you consult the doctor before to take the right dose. Consume too much garlic or garlic supplement can cause some digested problems like nausea or vomit.Whatever remedy you choose, you should take it at least 2- 3 weeks or until you notice the results.

 Turmeric– is a common natural ingredient in foods, and it is well known as the antibacterial and antioxidant herb. So it has powerful effects on dealing with infections and enhancing the healing process of infected tissues. Using turmeric also help our body decrease the free radicals then boost our immune systems, support our body to fight the infection better. Consume more turmeric is a good idea to get rid of chlamydia infection. This remedy is easy to use. Add more turmeric in your daily foods or make a glass of turmeric and milk( by mixing a glass of milk with 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder). Take it at least 2 times daily in 2- 3 weeks to get the best results.

   SageSage- is a kind of various plant of the genus Salvia and can be found easy like a cosmopolitan herb. It is famous for its properties to clean the immune system immediately so it is one of the top natural home remedies to get rid of chlamydia. When using sage to cure chlamydia infection, sage tea is the best choice for you. Just take 50- 100 gram of sage leaves and crush them into small pieces, then put into a cup of boiling water, soak the leaves in there for 5- 10 minutes, strain the mixture and consume the tea. However, you can make more amount of tea to store in the fridge for a few days. You should drink 2 cups of sage tea for a few weeks until you notice the signs of chlamydia reduce.

Echinacea- is a small genus of North American coarse perennial herbs. It is an amazing natural herb to deal with chlamydia cause of its antimicrobial properties to helps clean the lymphatic properties and boost our body’s immune system.You should take the echinacea tea to get the best results when you want to decrease the infection. Add a pinch of fresh or dried echinacea leaves into a glass of boil water and steep it for 20- 30 minutes, then strain the mixture to get the tea. Drink it twice daily in a few weeks.Otherwise, take the echinacea supplement or tincture is also work. If you consume the tincture, you should take less than 30 drops for 4 times daily, and for the supplement therapy, it is better to consult your doctor first to get the right dose.

Practicing safe sex methods– is the most necessary home remedy to help you decrease the risk of chlamydia infections.  Sex abstaining is estimated at 100% to stop the spreading of all sexually transmitted diseases. Also, there are many safe sex methods that you can consider.  Using the condom whenever you have the sexual practicing.        Restrict the number of sexual partners, loyal monogamous with a healthy person is the best.

Take a regular check for chlamydia infection or whenever after any intercourse with a new partner or any unprotected sex. Abstain when you are diagnosed and treating for chlamydia or other sexually transmitted diseases to prevent the spreading of infections.   In this article, the top natural home remedies to get rid of chlamydial quickly are recommended but you should keep in mind that the most important thing to help you reduce the risk of infection is your lifestyle choice of practicing safe sex methods, and remember to follow the doctor’s order carefully.


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