Sometimes, the best way to treat migraine is to prevent them. The kind of food or drink you consume might actually be the real source of your migraine problem because they trigger the migraine attack. Simple elimination of trigger food or drinks from your diet could be your cure for the migraine attack. Some dietary element that enhances the migraine pain includes chocolate, cheese, smoked fish (containing tyramine compounds), dry fruits and other diets containing preservative and sugar. They contain chemical compounds that are responsible for triggering of the migraine pain in people who consume it.

The above chemical compound with alcohol, caffeine, undigested preservative foods and sugar are all considered to be toxins. Too much of this toxin in a human system has been proven to be another migraine trigger. Though one of the major function of the liver is to keep the human body detoxified when the toxic migraine trigger is more than what the liver can detoxify at that point in time, the migraine triggers that were not detoxified causes the migraine sufferer to experience a severe and recurring migraine attack.

The intake of migraine diet will so much help the migraine sufferers whose migraine attack is triggered by the kind of food they consume. They also help consumers lose weight.
The intake of Peppermint tea, caffeine would relieve the sufferer of the migraine attack. The caffeine lowers the swelling of the blood vessels which help in the relief of migraine pain. Also, a diet that includes apple balances the bodies PH and also inhibits prostaglandin synthesis to your migraine diet.

The intake of mineral and vitamin supplements like oral magnesium sulfate, vitamin B2, coenzyme Q10 would help supplement those missing nutrient the body needs. It also has been proven to be an effective relief for migraine because when some nutrients are missing in the body, the body reacts and this causes the migraine pain. It would be wise for a migraine patient to learn about the food that triggers migraine and how to manage them.

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