Migraine is a serious reoccurring life-threatening disease that causes mild pain on one side or both sides of the head, base of the neck and also in the abdominal region. The major symptom of a migraine is an escalating headache because of the blood vessels in the brain. Migraine could either be chronic or episodic and it is triggered by lack of enough sleep, hormonal change, stress, anxiety and some kind of migraine medication that are not compatible with your body system.

Migraine medication is meant to treat the cause, prevent it from reoccurring and also control its symptom. There are some kinds of drugs specially produced to treat and prevent migraine pain. Some people depend only on simple pain reliever like ibuprofen, Acetominophen to get rid of the attack but those pills would truly relieve you of the pain but it could make the attack even worse by causing some side effect like dizziness, sleeplessness, diarrhea, and paresthesia in some cases.

The migraine medication is produced in form of pills, nasal spray or injection. Some are,
Triptan, which is an effective migraine-specific medication that targets the serotonin receptors causing the blood vessels to constrict and block the pathways of hormonal change that causes the migraine pain. Examples include Frovatriptain, Eletriptan etc. but they differ in their capability to prevent the reoccurrence of the migraine pain.

Antihistamine helps to ease the migraine symptom. It constitutes a substance that dilates blood vessels and causes an inflammatory response in the body which is noticed during a migraine. Other examples are Ergos( which is a combination of Ergotamine and caffeine ), Glucocorticoids and so on.
The preventive migraine medication is essential for those who suffer from frequent and reoccurring migraine pain. It should be taken regularly on a daily basis to reduce the severity of the pain. Examples include Antidepressants, calcium channel blocker, Anticonvulsant and so on.

Migraine medication and preventive medication might not be effective for everyone and also cause side effect on some people. The natural treatment and prevention techniques (like meditation, having enough sleep) is a safer and method to treat and prevent migraine pain.

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