Many migraine sufferers are most likely to have tried taking different migraine medications and drugs like triptans, anti-depressants and even abused them by taking an overdose of these pills but unfortunately for some, it has no effect on them and has caused several side effects like an ulcer, diarrhea, nausea which is an additional burden. You will be amazed at the several method people use to treat and prevent the migraine symptoms and attack. Apart from the several usual methods people use for treatment and prevention, meditation exercise has been proven to be a very effective remedy for the migraine attack.

Mindful meditation is the process of training the mind, nervous system and emotions. Scientifically, it has been proven that migraine pain is a symptom manifesting the physiological and psychological pathogen. Stress is a leading contributor to many chronic illnesses today most especially the migraine attack and it needs to be controlled. So it is important for migraine sufferers to learn and master natural relief for migraine symptoms and attack.

Though the meditating exercise might look a little challenging it is important to learn and master this exercise because it is the most important thing you can do to relieve stress and the migraine pain that accompanies it. Meditation exercise lowers stress hormones like adrenaline which increases pain, anxiety, and depression. It also enhances beneficial hormones like endorphins which helps the body maintain a healthy state, thereby reducing the migraine pain caused by anxiety and depression. There are few forms of mindful meditation which includes the brainwave method. Brainwave is a state of mindful meditation that causes your brain to shift gear to different electrical frequencies. It is a method to electronically induce mindful meditation to shift your mind gear into various states.

Migraine is a very devastating attack that you wouldn’t wish for yourself or your loved ones. So it is very important for you to study and master the meditations art and influence others with the same art because meditation exercise as a pain relief has proven to work well.

Low Backache Remedies Causes and Treatments

Low Backache is a common morbidity everyone faces more than once in their lives, most commonly seen in people over the age of 40, obese, people who seldom exercise, previous history of back injury and people who have maintained a wrong posture for brief periods of their lives. The event of cerebral pain as a sequela of low back agony was analyzed in a specimen of interminable torment patients.

Predictable with earlier research, migraine was observed to be a typical accompanying of back agony. In numerous patients, cerebral pain was found to have started or exacerbated extraordinarily after beginning of low back agony. Pervasiveness of headache in female patients was essentially higher than the populace predominance for females in the United States; this was not valid for male patients. Potential components for clarifying the high pervasiveness of headache following low back agony are examined, including expanded muscle pressure, psychosocial variables, and pain relieving abuse.

Complaints generally are of Excruciating pain, unable to perform any activity, sometimes difficult in twisting, bending over, also sometimes may come with tingling in the back of the thigh. Lets be sure, its a important factor for reduced productivity! 40% of work is affected in general population owing to Low Backache.

Low Backache can be : Acute(Day 1 to 6 weeks), Sub-Acute(6 weeks to 12 weeks), Chronic(>12 weeks)

Almost all cases of backache should be primarily consulted to a physician, and also need active radiological intervention, and almost always can be cured! The cause for Low Backache can be determined and also can easily be cured.

Causes of Low backache and low backache remedies

Your doctor will generally the better idea of the condition, but you also need to be well informed about your condition as you are going through the agony-
Lumbar Spasm : 50-60% of the time, it is because of the Muscle Spasm due to a wrong sleeping posture, over stressing yourself while at the gym, breaking your back doing something you are not accustomed to. This is diagnosed purely by history and by ruling out any other problems by means of radiological equipments.

Nerve Irritation : Nerve Irritation is a common problem, which affects almost one third of the population during old age! it is due to the compression on the nerves emerging from the spinal cord. the compression could be due to a wide range of things, which your doctor would be the best to provide information upon.

Structural problems : Slipped disc, Slipped Vertebra, Arthritis are common terms when in a doctors office because majority of the problems are a commonality in the middle age and old age! They also reduce the range of motion, increased pain during walking, exercise and if this happens you most definitely need to visit the physician.
Injuries : Injuries we will only discuss about the Bony injuries and ligament injuries. Fracture of the lower vertebral column is common in old age even with minimal amount of stress as the bone density is lost, this causes severe excruciating pain even with LOSS OF SENSATION & MOVEMENT OF LOWER LIMBS, definite necessity to visit the orthopedicians office.

Others : If a woman is pregnant, even labor pains could mimic low backache, could at times be the first sign, any tumors pressing on any organs can also cause low backache, also any infections of the bones and joints could cause low backache.

Few Low Backache Remedies Are:
1. Maintaining a proper posture while sleeping, having a pillow between both knees so as to straighten the back also can be reinforced by marking the sleeping path by pillows.
2. Walking for 30 minutes as soon as waking up.
3. Low Backache can be effectively treated with over the counter medications such as Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen.
4. Ice Pack application for 10 minutes can provide some relief.
5. If there is any visible swelling, a hot compress can help too.

Chronic Backache treatment :
1. Getting a proper mattress is the best remedy for a longstanding backache problem.
2. Changing posture while in front of the computer and sitting erect.
3. WEIGHT LOSS – Obese people generally get upper backache, but ache anywhere in the back is attributed to obesity! And weight loss can have a remedial cure.
4. Flats – It is advisable not to wear heels higher than 2 cms on an everyday basis, as this can cause long standing back problems in a later date

Low Backache is a common and a complex problem, which can be remedied at home with the above measures if not requiring a visit to the doctors office.



A migraine is a disease. A headache is only recognized as a symptom. When we attain some stages of our lives i.e. age we begin to experience headache and severe pain in some part of our body that we really wish we never experience such. This pain can last for few minutes or could exist for hours if not looked into or taken care of, it could last for days. Headaches or severe pain in some part of the body are mostly caused by the stress we engage ourselves in at work daily. We might think it is a simple headache or body pain that pain relive can cure but trust me; pain relive is not a match for migraine headache or body pain. Another reason is migraine. Though there is presently no specific medical diagnosis to detect migraine. The diagnosis will depend on your doctor examining your medical history of headache and ruling out other causes for migraines.

Other symptoms that could cause migraines are also looked into by the doctor to be able to detect the migraine and the kind of migraine it might be. A migraine is sometimes misdiagnosed as a sinus headache or tension-type headaches and this drastically affects a whole lot of us.

Migraine headache and body part severe pain is mostly caused by expansion of the blood vessels i.e. the vasodilation of the cranial blood vessels. A normal headache is usually caused by vasoconstriction i.e. narrowing of the blood vessels. Headaches also seem to be caused by changes in the level of a body chemical called serotonin in some certain part of our body.

The disease characteristics can include: Pain typically on one side of the head with a pulsating or throbbing quality, Moderate to intense pain affecting daily activities.
People who suffer from this attack tend to lose their jobs, relationships and also experience social ostracism and prejudice at work. A migraine is also capable of causing serious physical issues like dental problem, stroke, permanent visual loss, stroke, comma or ultimately, even death.

When we experience a migraine headache, we should ensure we take pills to relieve the pain and other symptoms of the attack, pills to stop headache or and body pain and pills like Amitriptyline to prevent migraine when we begin to experience headache and other symptoms of the disease. Sometimes, it is best to take those pills with change in some part of our lifestyle like diets, exercise, sleep and relaxation therapy.

Below are some types of headaches and the pills used to cure the disease?


This type of headache is more common among men than women. It is a type of recurring migraine headaches. Cluster headache attacks suddenly and it affects on side of the head with severe pain. They are usually accompanied with watery eyes and nasal congestion which causes frequent sneezing. Sneezing sometimes causes a severe headache when it is frequent and hard. It makes us feel restless and uncomfortable.

Some of the pills that can be used to get rid of cluster headache include Verapamil, Lithium, Ergotamine, Ant seizure and so on.


Many people mistake sinus headache for migraine or tension headache. Sinus headache is caused by the congestion of the sinus passage behind your nose, eyes, check, and forehead. Sinus headache affects both sides of the head unlike some other types of headache. The pain of the sinus headache is felt in the head and also in all the sinus area. Sinus can be triggered by allergies and infections.
When we are suffering from sinus headache, we tend to feel an uncomfortable pressure on our forehead, pain getting worse when we lean forward, swelling of the cheeks nose or any other sinus area.
At times, sinus headache makes us discharge yellow nasal fluid and also makes us feel fatigue.

Some of the pills that can be used to get rid of sinus headache include

  • Antihistamines which include loratadine are used to get rid of sinus headache related to allergies or excessive mucus in the sinus cavity.
  • Pain reliever which includes Aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen
  • Decongestant which works by reducing the swelling of the sinus cavity by decreasing blood flow. This should not be taken by patient with previous heart issues.


Tension headache is mostly called tension types headache. It is considered to be the most popular type of headache. It is mostly caused by muscle contraction in head and neck region. It is a mode rate pain in your head that can radiate from the lower back of the neck, eyes and other muscles in the body causing it to affect both sides of the head.

When this type of headache is attacking, we tend to experience dull head pain, tenderness on scalp, neck and shoulder muscle.

Some of the pills to get rid of tension headache include

  • Antidepressants, such as amitriptyline.
  • Aspirin such as Bayer.
  • Ibuprofen such as Advil.
  • Naproxen such as Aleve.
  • Antianxiety such as buspirone


Rebound is caused by the overuse or misuse of headache medication. Rebound headache is triggered by drugs that contain caffeine. Caffeine is one of the ingredients that are included in many pain relievers. Rebound headache stops when you stop misusing the pain-relieving medicine.


There are migraines without headache otherwise known as silent migraines. It is mostly triggered by lack of enough sleep, alcohol and so on. As people age, the migraine attack tends to change its characteristics. The older people get the more the head ache characteristics gets weaker. After some time the headache stops completely leaving behind other symptoms of migraine. That is why migraine without headache is considered to occur mostly among the old. Older men are prone to experience this more than older women.

Some types of migraine without headache are included below:


This is otherwise known as an eye migraine. Visual migraine is one that affects your vision but it is not accompanied by headache. Visual migraine is caused by the sudden constriction of the blood vessel to the eyes, reducing the flow of blood to the eyes. People suffering from this kind of migraine usually do not see clearly. They see zigzag and fuzzy lines pattern in their vision, they also experience light sensation, blurry views and so on. This eyes defect might be permanent or interfere in their views sometimes. This type of migraine affects only one of the two eyes of the victims if both eyes are affected; it is an entirely different problem. It is generally caused by some other serious conditions like stress, high blood pressure, smoking dehydration and so on.

Some pills that are capable of getting rid of visual migraine include

Aspirin to reduce pain and inflammation, Calcium channel blocker to prevent blood vessel constriction, Beta blocker which enable blood vessel to relax, Anti-epileptics and Anti-depressant which helps to prevent migraine.
If you experience an unusual vision condition, make sure you see a doctor for proper treatment.
The migraine that is usually accompanied by headache are included below:

Like it was stated earlier, before every woman’s menstrual period, her estrogen and progesterone levels drop. The drop in these two hormones is capable of causing the menstrual migraine and sometimes headache. The frequent use of birth control pills can also trigger this attack. This type of migraine is usually accompanied by stomach pain, vomiting nausea. Migraine during menses tends to be a more severe, harder to treat and often reoccur even despite medications.

  • A no steroidal anti-inflammatory drug like naproxen is a very effective drug that is capable of getting rid of menstrual migraine. Some other pills capable of treating menstrual migraine are Triptans like Naratriptan, frovatriptains, and Zolmitriptan
  • Leuprolide which drops estrogen level in the body.
  • Hormonal replacement would also have a positive effect concerning menstrual migraine.


This kind of migraine is developed when you overextend yourself while you are exercising. Dehydration is developed at the same time.

Some pills that are capable of getting rid of Exertion migraine include

Indomethacin which prevents inflammatory
Propranolol which prevents exercise headache.
Phenelzine which is used to prevent exertion migraine.

Basilar artery migraine:
This is a type of migraine that is common in young women. It is caused as a result of blood artery that becomes tightened. It is accompanied by headache and it is usually accompanied with vomiting, dizziness and slurred speech.

Some pills that are capable of getting rid of basilar artery migraine include
Ibuprofen which is used for relieving head ache pain.
Metoclopramide which prevents a basilar migraine.