Migraine is said to be a state of health which is marked by recurrent severe and painful headache. It is usually accompanied with vomiting, tingling of arms or legs, nausea, photophobia (increased sensitivity to light), phonophobia (increased sensitivity to sound), dizziness and blurred vision. A painful and severe headache occurs and reoccurs only on one part of the head. The intense pain caused from migraine is likely to last for two to four hours and if not treated could last for seventy-two hours. Women are very likely to pass through the intense pain of migraine than the men but boys tend to experience migraine more than the girls before puberty and it gets worse at middle age. It is an illness that is likely to affect both the young and the old between the age ranges of 16-60+ years of age.
Most people suffer from the pain and inconvenience of margarine because they don’t know the cause and they ignorantly invite migraines to themselves.

Some of the causes of migraines include:

Some of the food and drinks most individual consume triggers migraine. Foods like cheese, smoked fish chicken liver, red wine which contains tyramine are great triggers for migraine. Also, Chinese foods which contain monosodium,glutamate and the artificial sweetener Aspartame, found in some diet food and drinks are also part of the common foods that trigger migraines. There are some other food and drinks that also trigger migraines and they include coffee, caffeine, chocolate, peanut butter, nuts, banana, meats, apple, dairy products, onions, wheat, eggs, fermented drinks, and food. Frequent skipping of meal is another way food can cause migraines in our body system.  So follow the perfect diet plan which protects you from migraine pain.

Drugs and medications:
Some of the drugs and medications we take is a big part of what triggers migraines. Sleeping tablets, Hormonal replacement therapy, and contraceptive pills or drugs are some of the common drugs we take that sometimes cause migraine.

Sleep happens to be another powerful factor that is capable of triggering migraines. A sudden change in the pattern of sleep or irregular sleep causes a severe migraine in patients. Migraine tends to set in when an individual takes an extra- long period of sleep or cut short the period in which he or she sleeps.

Like it was earlier stated in this article that women tend to experience the pain of migraines more than the men. It is so because of the release, exchange or fluctuation of hormones like estrogen from one part of their body to another. Women tend to undergo the severe pain of migraines either before or immediately after their menstrual cycle. It has also be proven by science that when a woman’s system is short of estrogen or she is in her menopause she is very likely to experience the intense pain of migraines.

Sometimes, working long hour either with a computer or physical activities, without enough sleep and rest invites the severe wrath of migraines. But when the patient has enough rest and sleep, it is possible it cures a severe headache.


Migraines aura refers to some visual symptoms that are first noticed before an actual migraine starts to reveal itself. Some of these signs may include blurred vision, dizziness etc.
There is basically two kind of migraines under which there are other types of migraines.

Migraines with aura (classic migraines): This is a kind of migraines that has an aura or sign that is first revealed before a severe headache starts. It is said that this signs and aura start about ten to thirty minute before the real pain begins. It is normally associated with visual disturbances, flashes of light, dizziness, and blurred vision. Though there would be times when the aura and signs will occur and there would be no headache pain at all.

Migraines without aura (Common migraines): Unlike classic migraines, there would not be any aura or signs before a headache. It includes headaches on one side of the head because it deals with the nerves, arteries, and veins of the brain and pain occur during the enlargement of the arteries. Some of the symptoms include cognitive disturbance, nausea, vomiting, increased sensitivity to light and sound, abdominal pain, scalp tenderness etc.

Some other types of migraine are as follows:

Ocular Migraine:
An ocular migraine is otherwise known as a retinal migraine or a visual migraine. It is a type of a classic migraine that causes its victim to temporarily lose their eyes vision before the actual headache pain starts to occur. It can occur in another form like dizziness, blurred vision and so on. It occurs as an aura or signs ten to thirty minutes before the actual pain starts. It sometimes occurs without being followed up by severe headache pain.

Abdominal migraine:
This type of migraine is only common in children within their teenage years. They experience severe and recurring stomach pain instead of headaches. This pain can last for hours and if not properly treated could last for days. This type of migraine sometimes shows sign or aura before the actual stomach or abdominal pain occurs. It is mostly accompanied by vomiting, nausea and so on.

Menstrual migraine:
This is the severe and recurring pain that women experience before, during or after their menstrual period. Menstrual migraine is a type of a common migraine that is triggered by the drop in the level of estrogen. It occurs as a headache or stomach pain before, during and after the menstrual period of a woman. Birth control pills, contraceptive pills or hormone replacement therapy affects the estrogen and progesterone level causing serious and severe headache or stomach pain. It is advisable that women should stay away from things that can trigger this migraine as there is not yet any permanent cure for menstrual migraine.

The signs and symptoms of migraine are numerous. The kind of symptoms that an individual might experience can be due to the age, gender, and environment. These symptoms tend to last between four hours and seventy-two hours. It is very possible to experience these symptoms without having headache or stomach pain afterward.

Some of these symptoms include:

Frequent urination:
People tend to ease themselves frequently when migraine is about to occur. It is a symptom could occur an hour before the attack or sometimes days before the attack finally occurs.

Increased light sensitivity:
This is one of the common symptoms of migraines. Eyes pain caused by migraines is burrowed behind the eyes. When migraine is about to occur, your eyes become very sensitive to light and causes a severe and increasing headache. When this occurs, the fastest remedy is to keep the light in that area dim or they should be completely turned off. With that, the victim would be relieved of the pain gradually.

Stomach discomfort:
This is another common symptom of migraine though it is also a symptoms or attributes of other illness like typhoid and malaria. Migraine patients tend to experience stomach disorder which leads to nausea and this cause most of the patient to vomit.

Pain is a symptom that is experienced by patients with migraines. An intense headache, neck pain eye pain. A lot of patients complain about having severed body pain during the attack. But analysis has proven that patient complain mostly of having severe and recurring pain on their neck, eyes and one side or both sides of their head.
Other symptoms include sweating, poor concentration, cold hand, and feet, yawning, numbness and tingling, facial pallor and so on.

Below are some of the remedies for migraines including:

Migraine pills:

The use of migration pills is one of the most effective methods of getting rid of migraines. You won’t be wrong if you refer to the migraine pills as preventive or abortive medicines because they are capable of curing any kind of migraine attack before it even starts. There are numerous kinds of migraine pills for different migraine attack. For example, Antinausea Drugs which is used to remedy vomiting and nausea. They are usually taken with painkiller e.g. aspirin, ketorolac etc. because they do not deal with pain. Other examples include opioid, Ergotamines, Triptans and so on.
So it is advisable that you work closely with your doctor in other to prescribe the right medicine and dosage for the right kind of migraine attack.

This is a very effective remedy or treatment for migraines because one of the main causes of migraines is stress. Relaxing and massage would ease the body and make it easy to be relieved of the pain of migraines. When the body is at ease, it would be easy for the body to detect the other symptoms of migraines and also symptoms of other illness.

Herbs are another effective remedy for migraines. They are used in form tea, poultice, and lotions and so on. Some of the most commonly used herbs for migraines include Rosemary, Lavender, and Basils.

Acupuncture is a very effective Chinese medicine that is used to cure medical condition including chronic pain. It is used to massage the body to reduce severe pain in the joint and bones of the body. It also helps to clear out some toxins that accumulate in the body from the food we eat or from the environment.